Anybody Out There? August 14

Anybody Out There? Aug 14
If there is life on other planets, Dr Seth Shostak will be one of the first to know. He believes we will find ET in the next two decades, and as director and senior astronomer at SETI, he has aimed 42 antennae into space to pick up alien communication. Come hear why earth-like, habitable planets might not be so rare – there could be billions.

As well as this fascinating talk, we will hear real life stories from the community, sing some awesome songs with our live band, and share great coffee and cookies. Babysitters provide supervised activities for the kids.

SASV, a secular organization, is free to attend and runs entirely on donations.

Sunday, August 14

Doors Open 10:30am 890 Church Street, Mountain View

Kids' Corner - Childcare and activity provided.

Music - Our live band will be leading us in some fun pop songs. Think wedding music without the uncomfortable shoes!

Ready for more? Stay after assembly for chat and tasty snacks.

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